About This Newsletter:

In 2012, I created my blog, The Girl in The Pink Wheelchair. Since that idea came to mind, I had the opportunity of creating a digital platform for fellow disabled women and girls. My passion in this world is to help others— and serve my community.

This newsletter is an idea that has been brewing in my mind for a bit of time. The same way that an accessible book club was. In 2021, I decided that the time had come.

And here I am.

These are musings on disability, life here in rural Maryland, and laced with honesty. My goal of this newsletter is to make life easier for disabled people, too. You'll get updates on things like recommendations on assistive devices, what's going on, recommending disabled businesses/figures, and even music I like. A way for me to be more honest-- and still be the advocate you have come to known. Or have yet to know.

So, if this all sounds wonderful, I recommend you to hit subscribe.

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Weekly to biweekly disability bulletin points— from opinion, interviews, events, politics, musings, and humor sprinkled in. Disability-centric info written by a disabled Marylander woman on the Eastern Shore


Dominique Sessa

The Girl in The Pink Wheelchair. Poet. Writer. Proud disabled Italoamericana woman, Marylander & lover of words. Writing on disability, my life, and the poetry of connecting words to the world around us.